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The Versilia is without doubt one of the localities best known in Italy and abroad. It’s fame derives from a rare combination of factors that together constitute the ideai situation for all types of touristic desires.

VersiliaVersilia countryside offers the widest variety possible, twenty kilometers of beaches with hundreds of bathing establishments equipped with service and facilities, nature parks and pine woods, a splendid lake and countryside.

VersiliaDominating together with this scenic beauty is the massive barrier of the Apuane alps rich in marble and a mecca for alpine excursions.

Sporting activities have here the perfect situation. Sailing and wind-surfing are amply practiced with available professional instruction by specialized schools.
Tennis, jogging, horse riding, skating, cycling and climbing to satisfy all tastes.
Versilia is also highly suited for those seeking tourist ports, well equipped and with servicing by some of the most important yacht builders of the Tyrrhenian littoral. Here you will find prestigious yachts and boats from all over the world.

Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei MarmiForte dei Marmi has in the last century become aworld- famous tourist resort and part of its original environment has successfully been transformed into delightful gardens and meadows with secluded villas surrounded by greenery, this maintaining respect for nature.

Forte dei MarmiIn the countryside surrounding Forte dei Marmi there is an architectural, historical and cultural heritage to be discovered, charming villages are nestled in the numerous valleys or are perched at the top of hills and the beauty of alpine pastures can be en joyed on the scenic Apuan Alps.
A coastal district in Versilia, well-known for the soft contrasts of the sea with its long stretches of sandy beach and its fascinating landscape dominated by the Apuan Alps with their rugged forms and bare faces of the marble quarries.
A wide choice of high standard hotels and bathing establishments is available.
Superb shopping in the exclusive designer boutiques and lovely walks on the promenade.


Elegant and refined Viareggio is one of the more famous coast resorts in Versilia and a tourist destination known all over the world. It is an amusement-centre, the country of the Carnival and of the night-refinement with its advanced anf first-rate night-clubs and premises.

Forte dei MarmiThe night lights make room for a lively and coloured landscape in summer and for wonderful sunsets and tranquillity in winter.
Anyway Viareggio is always the right place to visit as it displays, during every season, different kinds of tourist attractions. The historical traditions are scanty: its name derives from the tower in Via Regia, which was built during the XVth century by the inhabitants of Lucca. In that period, once the Burlamacca’s outlet had been make in working order, the arbour become lively and trading was set going.
Anyway the real industrial growth starts only some centuries later and was based mostly on shipyards. The sea, the big ally of the inhabitants of Viareggio, constituted the starting-point to build the fishermen’s boats.

Carnevale di ViareggioThe development and growing of the town have caused that, nowadays, yachts and posh boats are designed and built in the same shipyards.
Anyhow tourism is still Viareggio’ strenght: you only have to note that in the beginning of the 20th century the bathing huts reached already 3000 units, to see the neverending development of this tourist resort.

The landscape is unique thanks either to the greenery of the hills, the pinewoods, the blue sea and the carnival which enlivens this town every year through a long parade. Custom, actuality and policy are the targets of the organizers’ imagination. The carnival was born in 1873 and is as famous as the Rio carnival.

Another important local tradition is the Literature Award (created in 1929 by Leonida Rapaci) still following the development of our literature. The architecture in Viareggio is not very interesting due to its mogenious art-nouveau style designed by the architect Belluomini and to the ceramics by Galileo and Chino Chini. It’s worth visiting Matilde’s tower and Shelley Square where you can see a bust representing the poet.

Marina di Carrara

Characterized by the unique Apuan Alps that protect the town from the cold north winds, Marina di Carrara is a modern seaside resort with many facilities and a fine, large, soft sandy beach stretching between the blue on one side and green pine-woods on the other one.

Marina di CarraraMarina di Carrara is in a geographically favourable position on the Tyrrenian coast. An excellent network of roads and railways make it the most reachable for Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia.
Thanks to the same efficient network you can reach all the main monumental and artistic attractions in Tuscany from Marina di Carrara in a short time.

Besides a mild climate all year round, sunshine, sand and cool breezes that mitigate the hot summer, you also have the privilege of bathing in the sea and then go sun-bathing in the mountains only a few kilometres away at more than 1000 m above sea level. That is without mentioning the various excursions you can take inland to see places rich in art and history while enjoing incredibly beautiful views on the way.

Marina di CarraraCampocecina 1350 m above sea level is just over half an hour’s drive away from Marina di Carrara and theres a standpoint from which you get an amazing view of nature’s spectacular gifts.
You get a sweeping look of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, Corsica, the Maritime and the Graian Alps, and then down to the heaps of marble debris below, criss-crossed with steep winding tracks.

For the entertainment of her guests Marina is equipped with every modern facility for practising any sport. There is also an efficient Club Nautico (Sailing Club) that takes a very active part in national and international events.
It also has a functional tourist port.
The International Marble and Machines Fair with its spacious and well organized exhibition area adds even more importance to Marina di Carrara.

Marina di Massa

The art nouveau architecture and deco style along the cost , represent the turistic tradition of Marina di Massa. In summer the beaches explode with the bright colours of endless rows of beach umbrellas and sunbeds put at disposal by well-equipped beach establishments.

Marina di MassaThe traditional cuisine is still strong and can be enjoyed in many restaurants, while drinking the local white Candia wine.This is a DOC wine with a distinctive flavour , ideal for fish dishes and the sweeter one for desserts.

There is a variety of sports facilities in the zone: the usual swimming, sailing but also tennis , with a large number of clubs with open air and indoor courts equipped for evening matches, skating, horse-riding , volley-ball, basket-ball, football, baseball and fishing.

The night life is first class with discos and night clubs where shows and concerts with famous singers and entertainers are organised.

Marina di MassaDuring the summer period (June-September) the Azienda di Promozione Turistica in collaboration with the town administrative body and the other local authorities and organizations prepare a season of Theatre, concerts, art exhibition and folklore events.
The end of summer event is particularly famous , when Marina di Massa organises a farewell ceremony for the tourists, culminating in an impressive firework display.